16 point inspection

When we come out to your property, the below are some of the things that we look for while inspecting your roof:

1. Condition of the roof from the ground

We do walk around the perimeter of the home and note the visual condition of the roof from the ground.

2. Check Pitch (address the type of product that is suitable for their pitch)

We check the pitch of the roof to determine the roofing materials that would be appropriate for the home.

3. Count # of Layers while on the ladder

We count the number of roofing layers to determine how much waste to expect when remove the current roof. b. The maximum amount of roofing layers legally permitted is 2.

4. Look for nail pops

Nail pops are a sign that the shingles are no longer mechanically fastened properly.

5. Inspect and count all skylights

Skylights are notorious for being the cause of roofing leaks.

6. Is the roof wavy? Make note and address.

Waviness in a roof could be caused by many different factors. We will advise you on the best course of action to remedy this issue. Common causes are bad decking, broken rafters/trusses, and too many layers.

7. Observe for and note any week areas in the decking

We walk the entire roof and make note of any weak areas in the decking.

8. Granular Deterioration? Check gutters

We check the gutters to see if there is a substantial amount of granules that have been washed away.

9. Observe for and note any moss or algae growth

Algae is a common problem and is a tell tale sign that the roof is at the end of it’s lifespan.

10. Make note of the ventilation system

Improper ventilation is the silent killer of your roofing system. We will check both the intake and the exhaust and help you develop a plan to ensure that your new roof has adequate ventilation, so your Honest Abe Roof will last a lifetime.

11. Check flashing around any chimneys or walls

Anytime there is a wall or chimney, special measures need to be taken to ensure that those areas are water tight. We will inspect the areas and make sure that your new Suburban Exteriors Roof will have flashing that is beautiful and waterproof.

12. Inspect and note the condition of any pipe boots

Protrusions from plumbing and heat vents will be a constant source of leaks if not properly made waterproof. Tar is not a permanent solution! Your Roofing Advisor will inspect all pipes and share with you the plan to make sure they never leak.

13. Any shingles buckled, blistered or curled?

As asphalt ages it becomes prone to issues like buckling, blistering and curling. We will take photos of all the problem areas and share with you the solution and how we can ensure that your new Honest Abe Roof, never has these challenges.

14. Inspect attic for any damage to the bottom of the decking or trusses/rafters

You have heard the saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover”. Well, the same is true about a roof. You can’t properly diagnose all issues by simply looking at the exterior. Conducting a proper attic inspection is key to making sure we catch any unseen issues.

15. Check for mold on decking

Mold loves to grow in warm, damp environments. Without proper ventilation, your attic will be warm and damp. We will take photos of all mold issues and share with you the plan to eliminate it.

16. Check for moisture in attic

Even if your shingles look to be working properly and there is no leak evident on the ceilings, your roof may still be experiencing moisture intrusion. We will inspect both the decking and the insulation to see if moisture is present.

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